The DataBeaver's Domain


I'm pretty much your typical nerd. I sit in front of my computer a lot, work in an IT company (where I sit more in front of a computer), and am single. I was born on 21st March 1984 in Espoo, Finland, and have been living here ever since. I have moved a couple of times within the city though.

I studied at Päivölä Institute in 2000-2002. It's a boarding school that offers a mathematics-heavy two-year high school program, ending in a matriculation exam (ylioppilastutkinto). After that I went to Helsinki University of Techology for a few years, but found it to be too academic to my liking. Since I had acquired a job as well, I dropped out of school and started working full-time.

In addition to computers, my hobbies include model railway and scuba diving. For the latter I'm a member of a local diving club. I do around 10-15 dives per year, most of them on camps during the summer. I have a PADI Open Water Diver certification and an planning to take an advanced course in the near future.

Things I like:

Things I dislike:

The best way to contact me is through IRC - I'm known as tdb in IRCnet and DataBeaver in FreeNode. You may also send e-mail; here's my email address backwards to confuse spammers: if.bdt@bdt