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My dad introduced me to programming when I was four years old. My mathematical talent and learning ability made it very easy to see the logic in all those statements. At first I turned to my dad for help with new things, but once I understood enough English, I started reading the manuals myself.

For the first seven years, I used Microsoft QuickBASIC. After that, a few years went with Visual Basic 3.0, but my craving for a more powerful programming language finally pushed me to C at an age of 13 years. I used DJGPP (a DOS port of GCC) at first, and switched to Linux a few years later. C++ features crept in over time, and in 2003 I finally decided to drop my prejudices about C++ and embrace it in all its glory.

I'm a regular in #c++ in IRCnet, with the nick tdb.

Assembly releases:

(What is Assembly?)

Assembly 2005: Tunnelrace, 5th place

Assembly 2008: FlipOut, 5th place

Assembly 2009: Mechanical Tower, 8th place