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Model railway - Baureihe E 41

BR E 41 BR E 41 BR E 41

Designed in the fifties along with the E 10, E 40 and E 50, the Baureihe E 41 was parts of Deutsche Bundesbahns "Einheits-elektrolokomotive" (standard electric locomotive) program. While initially aiming for just two locomotive types - a heavy freight and a general purpose one - it quickly became apparent that this was not sufficient and the program was expanded to four types. While designed primarily as a light passenger train locomotive, the E 41 also saw some use in express trains in its early years, until the maximum speed limit was raised to 140 km/h in the early sixties. Over the years it developed a reputation as a reliable machine, and the last units stayed in active service until 2006.

The model is 18.0 cm long and constructed entirely of metal. It has an MFX decoder with sound effects. It is listed in the Märklin catalog under the code 39140.