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FlipOut is a breakout game with physics. Everything is affected by gravity, and collides with everything else. Unlike most breakout games, the ball does not move at a constant speed. Instead, the paddle can be "flipped" to strike the ball upwards, much like the flippers in a pinball machine. Many of the bonuses affect various aspects of the physics, such as gravity or friction.

FlipOut's levels give breakout a whole new dimension. Bricks can be rotated and laid on top of each other. The game comes with 17 levels, and with the built-in level editor, only your imagination is the limit.

FlipOut requires a 3D accelerated graphics card. It should work on anything that supports OpenGL 1.3, but a GeForce 6 or better is recommended.

I scored the 5th place (out of 12 contestants) in Assembly 2008 game development competition with this game.

Latest version: 1.1 Linux Win32
Public SVN access:

There is an unofficial Arch Linux package available as well.

To compile FlipOut from source, you will also need al, core, datafile, fs, gbase, gl, gltk, io and strings from the Libraries section, as well as libsigc++ 2.0, ODE, DevIL or libpng, OpenGL and OpenAL. Builder is required unless you want to come up with the compiling commands yourself.

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