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Software - Mechanical Tower

You are a mad roboticist of the steampunk age. Your latest plan of world domination was perhaps a bit overambitious, and now your robotic creations have gone haywire and are assaulting your tower. You must build traps to destroy them before they reach you - or suffer the consequences.

Mechanical Tower is a tower defense game. But instead of defending with towers, you defend in a tower, with traps. Among the six different traps is a trapdoor, which allows dropping the assaulting clanks to the previous floor to have another go with the traps there.

Note: some graphics card drivers don't properly support all the features they advertise. If you are having graphics problems, try specifying --lowgfx on the command line.

This game got the 8th place out of 17 in the Assembly 2009 gamedev competition.

Latest version: 1.0.1 Linux Win32 Changelog
Public SVN access:

There is an unofficial Arch Linux package available as well

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